'The Apparition' Leaves a Ghost of an Impression

The only purpose this movie served was to prove that the guy who played Draco Malfoy apparently still has a career.

There is nothing more puzzling than a movie that seems determined to make itself fail. It's even more frustrating because a simple flop is just a waste of your time and money. But when the scraps of a bad film experience gives you the impression that at some point there was potential, then that means nearly everyone involved in this sad endeavor had something taken away.

This time around, the bad film experience goes by the name "The Apparition." The scraps are a few smart moments that I hope will be stolen by a better movie (I'd be willing to pretend I'm seeing for the first time), a serviceable backstory, and a premise that could've provided a smorgasbord for them all.

“The Apparition” actually starts off with two flashbacks. One takes place in 1970s, when a group of researchers conducts an experiment with the goal of making contact with the spirit of one of their dead colleagues. Cut to a few years ago, where some college students decide to replicate the experiment, using modern technology to amplify the experience. Both experiments were successes, although not necessarily for the people involved in them.

Then we finally cut to present day, where a young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) move into a home in a deserted suburban neighborhood that Kelly's parents have purchased as an investment. Pretty soon, creepy things start happening that build from small occurrences to far more overt and sinister. Turns out, Ben was one of the college students that tried to make contact with the spirit world, and what was unleashed has now targeted both him and Kelly.

Sadly, none of this leads to anything worth mentioning. The trailer actually gives you more of a movie experience than the actual movie, which squanders both its characters and plot. The only thing “The Apparition” does fairly well is exploit the various assets of leading lady Ashley Greene. This actually led to the only fun I had in the theater, where Greene was dressed for bed and a male member of the audience murmured, “This is a great movie.”

But obviously you can't count on that happening to you. So save your money and time and just watch the trailer. If you do happen to see this movie, be prepared to watch a better horror movie very quickly to get the taste out of your mouth. (I recommend "The Woman In Black" or "Cabin In The Woods."

Grade: D-

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St. Swithin September 13, 2012 at 08:29 PM
Tom Felton should fire his agent. He has a dedicated fan base. There has to be a Malfoy-like role out there for him. Maybe the next bad guy in a Bond movie or something. Instead he loses the blond hair and plays a supporting role as a dweebish scientist. Any competent agent should have been able to leverage HP into some starring roles that would feed off Tom's fan base.


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