If Only Democrats Cared As Much About Jobs & Economy As They Do Tax Returns

Baldwin and Obama are trying distract from their record failed radical agenda. They hope we are stupid and will pay attention to distractions rather than important issues.

On Thursday night I was watching the Packers game when I saw a Tammy Baldwin attack advertisement. Tammy Baldwin, like President Obama, needs to distract from her record to have a shot of winning.  A typical strategy for candidates that want to avoid a discussion of issues and their own record would be to paint their opponent as extreme. This is difficult for both Baldwin and Obama as they themselves are on the extreme of a party that has become more extreme in recent years and they face opponents that are moderates. With this option gone they need to find other ways to keep the discussion off their failed policies.

It looks like both are using the same distraction technique and ideas. The advertisement during the game was more whining about getting her opponents tax returns. Somehow we are supposed to more interested in what their opponents do with their money than how Baldwin and Obama have wasted our money. The thought that came to my mind was, maybe if Baldwin and Obama put as much focus and priority on plans to improve the economy and creating jobs, as they have on their opponents tax returns, they would not have to run campaigns to distract people from what they have done in recent years.

In 2009 Democrats chose to focus almost exclusively on ramming through their agenda at the expense of jobs and the economy. This started with the so called “stimulus” plan that did little besides add massive amount of debt. The spending was focused on paying back supporters and furthering their radical agenda rather than jobs or the economy. For example money was given to states to avoid responsible changes that have to come, due the excessive benefits given to public employees. This only increased the magnitude of the issue and delayed fixing the problem. Also, dumping money on government is an ineffective way to stimulate the economy. The money given to private sector was focused on green energy scams and other liberal pet projects, again not useful long term projects or lasting job creation.

After the failed stimulus was passed, Democrats focused on Health Care Reform. We can debate the merits of that reform, but one thing is not debatable it is a major drag on the economy and very negative for job creation. As bad as this law is, Baldwin supported a more extreme version that the house passed that would have been even worse for the economy and the middle class.

Then the focus was on financial reform that will do little to accomplish the goals they publicly claim. Ironically, the law was named for the two people who were most responsible for preventing any attempt to avoid the 2008 crash. Again, we can debate the damage from Dodd-Frank, but again it was clearly negative for jobs and the economy.

It could have been worse at least the Cap & Trade legislation, that Tammy Baldwin voted for and was supported by President Obama, was too radical for many Democrats and failed to get through the Senate.  In addition to causing massive utility bill increases it would have been a major job killer.

The reckless spending and making clear they were not interested in the economy or jobs, caused the GOP to ride a wave to take control of the House, many state assemblies, and governorships. This has slowed the relentless assault on the middle class by the Democrats from getting worse. President Obama has continued to use regulatory agencies to kill jobs, such as continuing the gulf drilling moratorium, pushing his war on coal, stopping the Keystone Pipeline, etc.,  but now Baldwin is powerless to kill more jobs.

The GOP has continued to pass Jobs bills that stall in the Senate and they have many plans to improve the jobs situation. (1) Contrast this with Baldwin and President Obama that have no ideas, besides more of the same failed ideas that expanded the debt without any real lasting value to our economy.

Worse than having no plan, Baldwin and Obama in the name “fairness” want to raise taxes on capital formation, and small business owners. The plan offers no advantage for anyone and will kill jobs, but they want you to support it based on the claim it will hurt the rich even more than you.

It is clear that the economy, jobs, or any of the major issues we face are not high on the priority list for Baldwin or Obama. It would not matter if they were priorities, since it is apparent to all that Obama in over his head in the job he has.(2) They are rigid ideologues incapable of doing what President Clinton did when he embraced many parts of a conservative agenda to win re-election after the mid-term beating. Instead President Obama moved left and refused to work at all with GOP, even when the GOP was mostly caving in to his demands. We need to focus this campaign on the big issues, economy, Jobs, cutting spending, entitlement reform, and deficit reduction. If we do this no rational person would vote for either Baldwin or Obama.

1)      http://www.gop.gov/indepth/jobs/tracker

2)      http://www.dickmorris.com/obama-is-in-over-his-head-dick-morris-tv-lunch-alert/

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FreeThought Troy August 29, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Johnny - do you hear your self? I mean really hear yourself? This country provides services for its citizens every day; Military, Infrustructure, etc. It requires us to pay taxes to pay for these services. It's not a knock on the free market. It's a knock on Anarchy. Again, I don't have collective bargaining, either. I do; however, enjoy workers rights unions fought and bled for decades ago. The private sector has unions too. I know it's easy to watch Fox News or listen to Charlie Sykes, get all worked up, post something ignorant and hit submit without thinking it through, but I really wish you would.
Greg August 30, 2012 at 02:38 AM
Robin Hood was a punk.
Greg August 30, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Understanding the core functions of a business may help the liberals. Business- To make a product or provide a service at a profit (return on assets). Don't get confused that businesses are there to employ people. They do employ people, but that is not their purpose.
Greg August 30, 2012 at 03:09 AM
What makes these people more of a "hero" than a doctor or an electrician?
Greg August 30, 2012 at 03:15 AM
Orange Shag.


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