Rosebud Hosts Director, Screening of 'Death by China'

Author and director Peter Navarro will be in Wauwatosa for the first showing Thursday and will host a discussion following the film.

The newly reopened Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse is primarily a first-run movie theater, but its owner and managers promised to offer plenty of special features along the way.

True to their word, they brought in a Milwaukee premier for the grand opening Sept. 6 – "WaterWalk," a movie set and made in the region, with some scenes shot in the Milwaukee area.

Next up is a special showing of a documentary film on a timely, thought-provoking and spine-straightening topic. "Death By China" explores the steady rise of the U.S. trade deficit and the demise of American jobs lost to offshoring.

Author and director Peter Navarro is considered world’s leading expert on U.S. economic trade practices with China. Navarro will be at the Rosebud on Thursday nigh for the first of three showings next week and will lead a discussion of the subject after the film.

"I made this film because, as an economist and father, I have never been more concerned about America’s future," Navarro writes. "Unless each of us as consumers and voters first clearly understand – and then squarely confront – our destructive trade relationship with a rapidly rising China, we as a nation
are doomed.

"We are doomed not just to a future of slow growth and stagnant wages but also to a world in which a free and democratic America simply becomes, as cast member Lynn MacDonald bluntly puts it, 'a subsidiary of China, because they are going to own us.'”  

Navarro is a business professor at the University of California-Irvine and a frequent CNN, MSNBC, Fox News on-air contributor on China and international business matters. He also testified before Congress and the U.S. China Commission.


DEATH BY CHINA - The Rosebud Cinema

Thursday – Film at 6:45 pm, discussion with with Peter Navarro to follow

Saturday and Sunday, Film at Noon


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