Fate of Area Blockbusters Unclear After Company Announces Plans to Close 300 Stores

The long-time video rental business announced that it will only keep about 500 stores open nationwide and will cut 3,000 jobs.

Blockbuster plans to close about 300 stores nationwide and cut 3,000 jobs, reported CNNMoney.

The video rental business was bought out by Dish network in 2010 after it went bankrupt.

Wauwatosa's Blockbuster closed its doors in December 2011. 

Here are other nearby Blockbusters:

17345 W. Capitol Dr.

7690 W Appleton Ave

The company has not announced which stores it will be closing, but will keep 500 stores running, according to the report. 

Stores will be closing as leases end and others are closing for underperforming.

In recent years Blockbuster has been struggling to compete with Redbox, a DVD rental kiosk box, and Netflix, online streaming and mail order rental movies and TV shows.

Blockbuster opened its first location in 1985 in Dallas, Texas.

Nancy Hall January 22, 2013 at 10:34 PM
I subscribe to Netflix. We also have a Hulu+ and Amazon Prime accounts in the household. These services, combined with the content available through network websites, give us more than enough stuff to watch. Although I prefer to stream, I do get DVDs from Netflix because there are still so many content providers that won't license their material for streaming. I don't have cable. I would subscribe to HBO separately, if I could. I stopped using Blockbuster a long time ago because they couldn't offer the convenience of Netflix. The Redbox kiosk format has never appealed to me, mostly because the selection is weak and I prefer to receive DVDs by mail. Most of the movies I want to see aren't even available through Redbox. If I manage my Netflix queue, which is pretty easy, I can have a new DVD in my mailbox every day.


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