Democrats Treat Dogs Like People, Republicans Treat People Like Dogs . . .

. . . and Mitt Romney treats dogs and people like road kill.

This is an old story as far as I'm concerned, but I think it is worth repeating because much to my surprise, my wife wasn't aware of it until I mentioned it in passing - so it is quite possible that many people are not aware of why Mitt Romney is finding himself in the dog house lately. Here's the story:

In 1983 the Romneys were driving from Boston, MA to Ontario for a family getaway. The family truckster was loaded to the brim and probably getting all of 9 miles per gallon on this 12 hour trip. They packed a lot of things, including the family dog, Seamus, and Irish Setter.

But where was Seamus? In the back of the wagon with the luggage? Sitting in the front seat on his wife's lap, sleeping soundly while getting a nice belly rub from mom? Nope, Seamus was in a kennel which was strapped to the roof of the car as they chugged down the interstate at speeds over 55mph. Can you envision this? Today, people would have used their cell phones to call the police on Mitt for animal cruelty, ending the torture for this poor dog. But not in 1983...

Mitt only stopped the car to "check" on poor Seamus when his kids complained about the diarrhea streaming down the windows from the nervous and completely freaked-out family hood ornament, I uh mean "pet". Did Mitt learn his lesson? Hell no, he simply hosed off the car, hosed off the dog and shoved him back back into his hell hole on the roof of the car and kept going.

I don't know about you, but I could never vote for a man who takes his human/animal relations cues from Clark w. Griswold and Michael Vick and a "man" who takes his employee relations cues from Mr. Scrooge and Mr. Potter ("It's A Wonderful Life").

A "man" who has no respect for animals and thinks dogs make good hood ornaments has no business leading a country. A "man" who cares little about the lively-hoods of his employees and their families because he sees nothing wrong with making a quick million for himself by cutting hundreds of jobs with the slash of a pen has no damn business running a country, especially one trying to climb out of a GOP-caused recession.

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Steve ® March 27, 2012 at 02:37 PM
According to my google machine they do. Don't youtube it if you want to have a good day. The president is not very smart if I know this and he does not.
Mr. Kell March 27, 2012 at 02:49 PM
The Luo tongue: "Obama biro! Yao neyo," or "Obama is coming! Clear the way!" George Obama, Kezia Obama, Malik Obama and of course Mama Sarah all live in metal huts, 15X10 with dirt floors. This is the liberal view of America, hell I bet even the liberal goofs in this room don't have dirt floors, well those of them who figured how to pay of their 50 year mortgages.
Bren March 27, 2012 at 04:03 PM
Steve, don't you believe it's possible to build consensus without losing face? And I do hope that you haven't forgotten which administration was on watch during the road to recession, or that bail-outs began during that administration. Let's keep it real! ; )
Ima Hippee March 27, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Jason, nice hard-scrabble story. So what. Everyone has a story. Did you hear the one about the Warren Buffett? You know, the one where he takes a deep pay cut and gives all his wealth to his employees and families. And god forbid, in your angst and unresolved racial guilt, why do you bring in Trayvon and MLK? BTW, MLK was a Republican.
$$andSense March 29, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Lot's of fun stuff here. Get Mitt in the Whitehouse and we can vacation with him in cages strapped on the wings and fuselage of Air Force One. Hoo-wee, what a ride! Call it the Seamus experience.


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