Here's an Idea...Start Saving

Imagine if the government could somehow start a savings account.

The government has a spending problem.

It maybe a worse problem than Brittney Spears on a spending spree after a divorce. I’ve heard those black American Express cards require $100,000 per month in charges to keep it active. I’d last 14 days, but I digress. So what do we need to do?

First, get the spending under control. While I am all for helping out beneficial research and development, and helping out unfortunate Americans, it seems any laws going to the desks of our leaders is not simply for one thing. This leads to a veto and one party criticizing the other for trying to hurt America.

Seriously? If you want to help, stop attaching the pork and work together to curtail spending.

Now, back to the debt. The second thing we have to do is increase taxes. Yes, I said it. But, we DO NOT do it right now. We do it when we can afford it. We have to pay down the debt. We all caused it, that is, all of us who are voters. Take the blame and move on.

Hopefully, a one or two percent tax hike will not hurt much. Heck, Wisconsin government workers got hit with a 5.8 percent tax and those people are still with us. Okay, call that 5.8 percent what you want, but if it comes out of your paycheck, that’s a tax. Please don’t tell me how they should be paying for their retirement, everyone I’ve talked to agrees with you and if you write in about teachers, I’ll address that later.

Now, we have cut spending and increased taxes during good times, what’s left? Drumroll please… How about we save. I know, us Americans are saving. We save in case we loose our job, need to buy a new car, have a sick child, buy a house, etc. We save so we can afford for our future, or combat financial stress due to an unfortunate event. Why doesn’t the government do that? (The only government I’ve heard of doing that is in Virginia. They have a savings and are in a position to combat future recessions in their state.)

If the government could save money, what would you say? I can hear it now. Why are our taxes so high when the government has excess money? I want my money back. These same people want the government to help them if they run into financial troubles. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, if you are in trouble, you hope the government bails you out. We are $15 trillion in debt and yet are numb to that number.

Why? How much is that? We can’t envision that. We have seen a million dollars on the final table of the World Poker Tour, but that’s it. Here’s something to chew on, if we spent $1 million a day since the birth of Christ, we would be around $790 billion in debt. That’s right, not even a trillion, and we are talking $15 trillion in debt! Like it or not, we need to face the problem we all have caused, and that will be all Americans need to sacrifice.

In the future, let’s start a government savings program to pay for our next recession. Like it or not, there will be one and that you can bank on.

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M. Chavannes February 01, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Bryant, it is obvious where you stand and I look forward to your comments about health care in an up coming blog of mine. With that said, I do hope we can agree on one thing, the definition of a tax. A tax is anything that the government levies on your paycheck, property or from sales. Therefore, government employees are paying a type of tax with the mandate. I am on your side that government employees should pay for the benefits they have so long received for free. Also, please let's agree to speak in terms of government employees, not educators. There is enough hatred towards good educators out there right now and more rhetoric is not needed. They do provide a needed service to our economy. With all that said, why do you think people aren't so upset with the fact our legislators only work 105 days a year and receive full benefits after one term? I'm surprised we haven't heard about that yet.
Bryant Divelbiss February 02, 2012 at 12:38 PM
You can not use that definition of a tax when the employer is a government. It just lacks common sense. It is what it is a reduction of compensation that most in the private sector already have faced. Calling what is clearly a spending cut a tax is annoying. As for the legislators that is one of the more impressive parts of this reform the GOP took away the special retirement multiplier for elected officials. Although it by law can not go into effect until after the next election. Legislators have to go back to districts and meet with voters so it is not totally fair to say they only work 105 days. Either way it is not an important issue.
Craig February 02, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Mr Chavannes, while it may be a perception of hatred toward good educators, that is really not the case. It may be true that many have directed their comments toward your profession because of over generalization. But much of it was from seeing teachers protesting in Madison last Fall. I remember clearly thanking the teachers from MFSD for not abandoning the students to run off to Madison. Many of the Falls teachers went to Alberta's office and held a protest- on their own time. That earned some respect from people on both sides. We may not agree politically, but that doesn't mean I have contempt for you or your profession. I am very fortunate I can say my child is a former student of yours.
JustMe February 10, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Does that make the white house now the black house?
Born Free March 06, 2012 at 07:51 AM
Lets say that if the 56 million people actually still have jobs 10 years from now and all earned the same amount of money like the Marxists want the deficit Obama alone has added, is adding and will add with his programs alone by then will in ten years will be up to extra $400.00 per week (at current dollar value) in federal payrol tax (not including FICA) taken out of their checks. That figure also doesn't reflect, (besides any increace in FICA) the interest needed to pay the Fed. What doesn't get covered at that time from your checks will still be paid at the usual places on the usual items you buy out of your spendable income provided you have any spendable income left at all. Typical yearly single digit inflation of around 3% won't get you near that $400 per week increace so yes you'd better start saving now! Tax the rich? Better ask yourselves why people like multi millionaire Obama can avoid paying their fair share too. He is the rich, he is the wealthy. He and his millionaire buddies are the ones writing the tax loop holes and laughing all the way to a Chicago bank "SHORE BANK" ( http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/shorebank.php ). You Democrats bought a junk bond - Obama. Your so scared of being called a racist if you disagree with Obama's Chicago politics that people all over the internet can hear your knees knocking. You've been hung you out to dry via political correctness and desperately codependant now on your friends for your approval.


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