Puzzles Are Good for a Child’s Developing Brain

Puzzles Are Good for a Child’s Developing Brain
Puzzles Are Good for a Child’s Developing Brain

Did you know that puzzles can do more than just keep young ones and even older children entertained? Puzzles can help strengthen important brain skills.

“Puzzles are great because they require a child to use cognitive skills like visual processing, logic and reasoning, attention, and processing speed,” says Kevin Pasqua, owner and executive director of LearningRx in Brookfield. “Strong cognitive skills are important for successful learning later on.”

Cognitive skills are the underlying tools that enable kids to focus, think, prioritize, plan, understand, visualize, remember and create useful associations, and solve problems. Students with weak cognition may struggle with reading or math, might be labeled as having ADD or ADHD or experience a host of other learning challenges.

Cognitive skills training (also known as “brain training”) can address and solve the root causes of learning problems. LearningRx specializes in brain training that increases the speed, power and function of the brain and reduces or eliminates learning problems for people of all ages. Using game-like exercises and a 1:1 trainer-to-student ratio, the program capitalizes on the brain’s plasticity to strengthen neural connections and even form new ones.

“Watching your child do a puzzle can give you some insight into which brain skills are already strong, and which need to be strengthened. Puzzles are just one brain exercise but other household games like Connect 4, Uno and Stratego can also help children build their cognitive skills,” explains Pasqua. “It’s also important for parents to know that repetition and increasing the speed of completion are vitally important when doing brain training exercises.”

For more information on LearningRx’s programs, call 262-395-2250 or visit www.learningrx.com/milwaukee-brookfield. LearningRx Brookfield is located at 21075 Swenson Dr., Waukesha. 


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