Top 10 Under $1 Walmart Deals with Printable Coupons

Sara Conrad from SarandipitySaves.com shows you that being cheap can be oh-so chic with daily fortuitous frugal discoveries.

Lately I've been getting a whole bunch of requests on how to start couponing, and although it does take some know-how and dedication it's well worth every last 'pon clip. 

When starting out it's best to get your feet wet before diving into the deep end, and with these deals at Walmart you can test them out and see if the title of "couponer" fits you.

See how many of the deals below you can find at your local store, and remember to always hit the "back" button on your browser so you can print two coupons total.

Now, onto the nitty and the gritty. Fortunately it's more nit and less grit as Walmart's coupon policy is ahhhmazing. It's one of the most coupon friendly policies out there that really caters to their customers.  

Two of the most notable faves of their police is overage and price matching.

Overage means you have a coupon that scores you a free item plus there's a profit made. We also call this a Money Maker. For example, say you have a $5 off any Bengay product coupon and you buy Bengay for $4.23. You will have an overage of 77¢ and you can apply that 77¢ to the rest of your order!

Price matching is a fairly new addition to the Walmartosphere. It means that if any other store has an item on sale cheaper than what Walmart's price is, they'll give it to you for that price. Now, their policy says you don't need the advertisement or flier stating the price you'd like to match, but I suggest always having it on hand. It feels less skeevy that way. 

You can check out Walmart's entire policy here.

Now, here's five super duper deals you can score at Walmart!

1. Kikkoman Seasoning Pack -- 98¢

  • Use this coupon for $1 off                                  

Final cost: FREE + 3¢ overage!

2. Dulcolax Products 8-10 ct -- $1.98

  • Buy 2
  • Use this $3.00 off of two coupon

 Final cost: 48¢ each!

3. Rayovac Batteries 2-4 ct -- 94¢

  • Use this coupon for 55¢ off or this coupon for $1 off

Final cost: As low as FREE + 6¢ overage!

4. Robitussin To-Go 2 ct. -- $1.00 (find these near the registers)

  • Use this 'pon for $1 off

Final cost: FREE!

5. Mom's Best Naturals Oatmeal -- $1.18

  • Buy 2
  • Use this coupon for $1 off of two

Final cost: 68¢ each!

6. Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes -- $1.32

  • Use this coupon for 85¢ off                                  

Final cost: 47¢!

7. Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners -- $1.87

  • Use this coupon for $1 off

Final cost: 87¢!

**If you love cooking with your crock-pot these liners are the BEST! You'll never go back!

8. Old El Paso Seasoning Mix -- 72¢

  • Use this coupon for 50¢ off 

Final cost: 22¢!

9. Tabasco Sauce 2 oz -- 98¢

  • Use this 'pon for 50¢ off

Final cost: 48¢!

10. Aquafresh Extreme Clean (travel size) -- 97¢

  • Use this coupon for 50¢ off

Final cost: 47¢!


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