Buglary Victim Indicts Ex-Lover in Loss of Family Gems

Holy and not-so-holy treasures disappeared, and he has reason to believe she had an eye for some of their once-shared items, and took the things he loved the most.

What appears to be a running feud between embittered former lovers has officers of two police departments rolling their eyes and shaking their heads.

Mr. Hatfield and Ms. McCoy now live in Wauwatosa and Greenfield, respectively, and each has a new special someone in life to call "Schmoopy." But it seems that newfound love has not erased or subsumed their simmering animosity – or perhaps a longing or two from the life they once shared.

When he, with his new girlfriend, returned early Monday from a weekend retreat in Hurley, he found that his home in the 2100 block of North 65th Street in Tosa had been burglarized.

Missing was a variety of property: a television set, two pieces of his girlfriend's jewelry, a plaque bearing a coat of arms from one wall, a picture of Jesus from another, two sets of car keys, a glass hookah pipe, 75 Oxycodone pills and some 200 pornographic DVDs.

The man said that he suspected his ex-girlfriend was involved – mainly because of the theft of the plaque and picture.

He explained that these were family heirlooms of his. The plaque was emblazoned with a pair of crossed swords, and the holy picture was dated 1907 and had some sort of German script on it.

He said that after having broken up with the Greenfield woman, he had gone to her home to retrieve these treasures. He told officers that she was not home at the time, but her new boyfriend had given him the two items with no dispute.

Soon after, he got a call from the Greenfield police. She had reported him as having stolen the icons. But after he explained the situation, the police had allowed him to keep them.

He theorized that she, not satisfied with that disposition, had now coaxed or coerced his own teenage son to let her in to his place or to lend her his key, and she then made off with a selection of his most prized property to which she must have felt she had some claim.

He mentioned that he had posted on his Facebook page that he and his new lover were away from home for the weekend.

There was no sign of forced entry, said, and the house had not been ransacked. Also, they said, a number of other valuable items in plain sight were passed over.

As of the filing of the police report, officers had not yet made contact with the Greenfield woman to get her side of the saga.

Mark May 01, 2012 at 01:22 PM
These two people need to grow up.
Taoist Crocodile May 01, 2012 at 02:54 PM
"Some 200 pornographic DVDs" Priceless. Now the world knows that this guy spent enough on pornography to purchase a car, somewhere on the spectrum from decent used to economy new.


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