DA Adds Disorderly Conduct to Charges Facing Chronic Thief

Public battle with store security officer over being detained for police nets her an additional count besides theft and jumping bail.

An assistant district attorney who reviewed a case brought by the Wauwatosa police against a habitual shoplifter not only agreed with the charges they sought but also tacked on another.

Michelle Renae Jordan, 44, of Milwaukee was charged Saturday in Milwaukee County Circuit Court with theft and bail jumping, as police requested, and also with disorderly conduct for publicly fighting with a drug store security officer.

All the charges carry an enhancer as a repeat offender.

Jordan was arrested Thursday at CVS Pharmacy, 7520 Blue Mound Rd., after she tried to leave the store with $55.95 worth of nail care products and children's slippers hidden in her purse.

She threw down the items and tried to claim she'd never had them, but the store officer wasn't having that and attempted to detain her.

She fought furiously with him for nearly two minutes in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Jordan was on probation for a theft she pleaded guilty to in February, has two more cases pending in court for arrests since then, and eight more arrests on her record.

She was sent to the County Jail and could be looking at fulfilling the six months' jail time that was imposed and then stayed on her February conviction, plus up to nine months more on the new theft charge.

Disorderly conduct carries up to a 90-day sentence.


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