Girl Found Lying at Roadside Claims She Was Abducted

Unwilling to speak to police or paramedics at scene, she tells her mother at hospital that she had been kidnapped in Milwaukee and escaped from car in Wauwatosa.

A girl found lying alongside Mayfair Road, awake but unresponsive to questions, finally told her mother in the presence of police officers that she had been abducted in Milwaukee by a stranger and had escaped her captor in Wauwatosa.

At 5:53 p.m. Tuesday, a Milwaukee driver called to report that he had found a girl lying at the side of the street at North Mayfair Road at West Courtland Avenue, and she was unresponsive.

Police officers and paramedics found her conscious but unwilling to answer questions. Police identified her from school papers as a 15-year-old Milwaukee girl and were able to contact her mother, who said her daughter had no medical or mental problems and wanted her taken to Children’s Hospital.

The girl remained unresponsive to questions until her mother arrived at the hospital, whereupon she burst into tears and began screaming.

She told her mother, while officers listened, that she had gotten off the bus from school at the wrong stop, had wandered around awhile in the area of North 84th and Congress, and then was abducted by a stranger who dragged her into his car.

She said she had jumped out of the car and run until she collapsed where she had been found. Wauwatosa police turned the case over to the Milwaukee Police Department.

H.E. Pennypacker September 11, 2012 at 02:17 PM
This is quite disconcerting, please let us know if this poor girls claims are legit.
Jim Price September 11, 2012 at 05:38 PM
I am hoping to find out, but it is next to impossible to get juvenile information out of the Milwaukee Police Department.


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