Suspect Charged in Bungled Pharmacy Robbery

The accused allegedly made the fateful error of trying to rob of opiates the very counter where he regularly, suspiciously, quite visibly and by name purchased opiates before.

A 21-year-old Milwaukee man has been arrested, charged and now identified as the suspect in

Although the suspect did, and escaped at the time, another employee of the store identified him from surveillance video as Walter H. Petite – a regular customer of the pharmacy counter. 

Petite was charged Friday in Milwaukee County Circuit Court with one count of robbery with threat of force. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison and $50,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

On July 15, Petite walked into the about two minutes before closing, grabbed a magazine and walked up to the pharmacy counter where he began to ask about allergy medication.

After an employee spoke with him and another got a box of medication for him to purchase, Petite asked if he could run home around the corner and get money to purchase the items, which the employees agreed to.

Petite came back about 10 minutes later and handed the pharmacist a note that read “Don’t be stupid, I got a gun, give me all your Oxycodone IR 15-30 mg.”

However, the pharmacist said he didn't see a gun, so he bluntly told Petite, “Get the hell out of here before I call the cops.”

Petite did just that, grabbing the magazine and box of allergy medication and fleeing.

Petite disappeared before police arrived, but after reviewing surveillance video footage of the attempted robbery, another pharmacy employee was able to identify Petite as a frequent customer at the store.

The employee told police he always thought Petite a bit suspicious because he had prescriptions for Oxycodone.

Petite is currently being held in Milwaukee County Jail on $2,000 bond. 


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