Man Charged With Stalking, Pulling Gun on Wauwatosa Woman

Suspect allegedly broke into victim's home in order to stand over her and her boyfriend as they slept.

A 33-year-old Milwaukee man is facing felony charges after he stalked a Wauwatosa woman and her boyfriend for nearly a year, breaking into the woman’s home and standing over them while they slept and pulling a loaded gun on them and a young girl at a Milwaukee park.

Jacquay Armand Holman was charged Friday in Milwaukee County Circuit Court  with one count of stalking, one count of disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon and one count of battery. If convicted, he faces up to 4½ years in prison and $21,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

The victim told police Holman was her ex-boyfriend and that he had begun stalking her after they broke up. It got worse after she began to date another man early in 2011, she said.

Holman would follow the couple when they went out and peek in her windows when she was home. He would continuously call the victim and would even follow her new boyfriend and send her text messages about everything the man was doing.

On one occasion, Holman also broke into the victim’s home and stood over her and her boyfriend as they slept in bed. He also tried running the victim off the road as she was driving.

In July, the victim tried to get a restraining order against Holman, but the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department informed her they couldn’t locate him and therefore couldn’t serve papers. On July 10, Holman followed the victim, her boyfriend and her young daughter to a park in Milwaukee and pulled out a gun while arguing with them. He then left, but another person had called police and he was pulled over by a Milwaukee police officer who found a live bullet was in the chamber of the gun and five more rounds were in a magazine.

On Nov. 7, the victim went to the Milwaukee County Courthouse to get another restraining order against Holman, and when she came out she found her tires had been slashed. While waiting for AAA, Holman drove up and began laughing at her.

Finally, on Nov. 15, the victim went to move her car from the street into her driveway and Holman ran up, hit her in the face and kicked her in the back and began yelling at her because she had gotten a new phone number.

Holman is currently being held in Milwaukee County Jail on $3,000 bail.


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