Officer's Suspicions Lead to Chase of Stolen Car

In what may have been a foiled robbery, suspects flee from officer who had his eye on them just because of the way they were parked.

A officer may have broken up a robbery attempt, simply by using his intuition to investigate a curiously parked car.

At 6:56 p.m. last Friday, he was driving east along North Avenue on routine patrol. As he approached the Radio Shack store at 6407 W. North Ave., he noticed a Mercedes-Benz SUV in the parking lot that caught his eye.

The Mercedes was facing him and stopped in the middle of the lot. As he slowed and passed, two men got out of the back seat and walked toward the store. Both wear wearing dark hoodie sweatshirts, one with the hood up.

The officer turned south on North 64th Street and punched in the SUV's license plate, intending to investigate. As he did so, he heard a horn sound.

He quickly turned around, and as he came back within view, he saw that the SUV had also been turned around, and then the two men strode rapidly out of the store and got back in.

The driver of the Mercedes swiftly drove out past the officer and headed south on 64th. Just as the officer reversed course a second time to follow, he got a records return – the vehicle was stolen.

He hit his lights and sirn and gave chase for about one mile through city streets at speeds up to 70 mph before being told to halt the pursuit for public safety concerns.

The officer said he did not get a good enough look at any of the suspects to be able to identify them. Clerks at Radio Shack reported no interaction with the men, only that they had walked in and just as quickly turned around and left.


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