Police Call Off Chase But Know They Have Their Man

Theft suspect gets away this time but is well-known to both Home Depot staff and to police.

Police were seeking a known suspect in a retail theft after again calling off a high-speed chase through Wauwatosa's streets to avoid endangering the public.

At 6:58 p.m. Thursday, police were called to , 4100 N. 124th St., on a report of a retail theft suspect who had just fled from the store.

Before the first officer reached the store, though, another officer radioed that he had spotted the suspect vehicle at North 78th Street and Capitol Drive, then moments later that he had attempted a stop, the suspect had fled, and he was giving chase.

That officer had recently spotted another patrol officer nearby, and they had the suspect between them. The second officer saw the suspect pass, followed him and also tried to pull him over.

The suspect pulled into the BP gas station at 7311 W. Capitol and got out of his car. When ordered to get back in, he did, and then drove off again, this time with both officers chasing with lights and sirens.

The chase covered about a mile at up to 60 miles per hour on residential streets, ending North 63rd and Melvina streets when the officers were ordered to halt the pursuit.

The car was later found parked in the 3600 block of North 57th Street and the owner identified from the registration as a 41-year-old Milwaukee man with 26 adult arrests on his criminal record.

He was positively identified from photos by both the officer who encountered him at the gas station and by a security officer who encountered him at Home Depot. A temporary felony warrant for the man was issued.

At the Home Depot, the man’s car had been spotted in the parking lot by the security officer and recognized from other thefts. She then spotted the suspect in the store just as he picked up three reciprocating saws and headed for the door.

Seeing that he was being followed, he picked up the pace, walked out without paying, got in his car and left.

It was because suspects fled at high speeds through residential areas.

On June 1, an officer spotted a suspicious vehicle at Radio Shack, 6407 W. North Ave., and possibly broke up a robbery attempt.

As he turned to investigate, two men who had gone into the store quickly exited, got back into the waiting vehicle and took off.

They led the officer on a chase through neighborhoods for a mile at up to 70 mph before he abandoned the pursuit for safety reasons.

pupdog1 June 09, 2012 at 11:04 PM
"The suspect pulled into the BP gas station at 7311 W. Capitol and got out of his car. When ordered to get back in, he did, and then drove off again, this time with both officers chasing with lights and sirens." No reason to arrest him right on the spot. Order him back into the car... so he can flee at high speed. Did the gangster ask "Mind if I keep my keys?" OMG. Please tell me there is a reasonable explanation for this that doesn't use the word "Keystone."
Jim Price June 10, 2012 at 06:07 AM
It is standard procedure for the safety of the officer and the public. The guy would have been ordered out of his car when the officer felt that the situation was under complete control – probably not before he had other officers at the scene. This guy got out of his car without being ordered to, and he might have been armed. He could have started shooting – in a gas station, no less – or he could have run into the station and possibly endangered people inside. He could have charged the officer, grabbed another customer, done any of a number of things, including things that might have prompted the officer to shoot him or him to shoot someone. When you're pulled over by the police, you're supposed to sit still and not so much as move until you're told to. If you get out of your car without being told to, you're creating a high-risk situation. So you're ordered back in until you're told otherwise. The bottom line on this one is that no one got hurt.


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