Police Report: Driver Passes Out at Full Speed But Going Nowhere

Man takes one toke too many and, unconscious, rams car in parking lot with foot firmly on the gas.

At 11:29 a.m. Sunday, a 25-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence after police were called on a report of one car ramming another in the parking lot of , 3201 N. Mayfair Rd.

When an officer arrived, he saw an Oldsmobile Bravada pressed against the bumper of a Dodge Intrepid, its rear wheels spinning at maximum speed. The rear tires had blown out and were worn down to the rims, which were digging into the asphalt.

The officer waited 10 to 20 seconds and the wheels stopped spinning. When he approached the car, he found the driver slumped over into the passenger seat, where he had vomited and appeared to be having a seizure. The officer called the Fire Department, and paramedics rushed the man to Froedtert Hospital.

When officers interviewed him there a short time later, he had recovered and admitted he had smoked three hits of “K2” synthetic marijuana while driving and couldn’t remember anything after turning into the Kmart and looking for a parking place until he woke up in the ambulance.

He told police the drug's effects had "come on pretty quick" and that it was "some crazy stuff."

In other recent incidents:


At 3:17 p.m., a 20-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for theft after she tried to leave without paying for almost $400 worth of clothing. She said she was out of work and had gone to the mall to fill out job applications, then decided to steal some clothes for herself and her children.

At 2:02 a.m., police were called to the Carmelite Home for Boys, 1214 Kavanaugh Pl., to verify that a 16-year-old who had been missing for a week had returned of his own accord. Police informed the home’s staff that there were four warrants for the boy’s arrest through the and took him into custody. The boy refused to discuss his whereabouts during the previous week.


Police were called to restaurant, 6750 W. State St., on a report that some time Monday evening customers had passed two counterfeit bills, one $20 and one $50. The same server had received both bills but apparently from different tables. The fake $20 she noticed only at the end of her shift. The $50 was passed by a man who was part of a group of four customers she served. Their tab was $73, but he left only $55, including the 50, which she noticed immediately as being phony. She said she tried to catch them before they left the parking lot but they had driven away.


At 10:10 a.m., a student reported that his school-issued iPad had been stolen from a classroom after he left it unattended on his desk for about 20 minutes.

Police were called to the ., on a report that a man had passed a counterfeit $50 bill. The man had been recognized as the same who had passed a fake $50 there the previous Thursday and he was watched, but a store security employee said it was busy and she lost track of the suspect. He managed to make a purchase with what proved to be a $5 bill that had been bleached and reprinted to appear as a 50.


At 1:42 p.m., two 16-year-old Milwaukee girls were arrested for theft after they tried to leave without paying for merchandise. When stopped by a security officer, one girl ran but was quickly caught by another store officer. The other girl struggled with her captor and had to be handcuffed before police arrived. One had tried to take two pairs of jeans and a sweatshirt together worth $355; the other had a single pair of jeans worth $168.


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