Residents Report Rashes of Car Entries in Two Neighborhoods

In one small area of southwest Tosa, 15 citizens report their cars were entered on the same night. Ravenswood was also hard hit two nights earlier.

Every week, we report at least a few entries to unlocked cars by thieves scrounging for anything left inside worth even a little.

It's routine for taking the reports.

But this week's crop stood out even for them, as two officers noted to this reporter while they were taking his report of overnight car entries.

Thief canvasses small neighborhood thoroughly

On Wednesday morning, 15 residents of a small residential area tucked north of Blue Mound Road and west of Mayfair Road called police to report that their unlocked cars had been entered and rummaged through.

In some cases, nothing was taken or at most some loose change, but others reported property losses. No damage was reported to any of the vehicles.

In one case, the owner said she lost nothing but the time it took to clean up popcorn strewn all over her dashboard.

The locations by block, number of cars entered at each residence and items stolen are as follows:

  • In the 600 block of North 111th Street, one car entered, iPod and change stolen.
  • Also in the 600 block 111th, one car entered, change stolen.
  • 400 block 112th, two cars entered, change and binoculars stolen.
  • 500 block 112th, two cars, nothing missing
  • 500 block 112th, one car, wallet with ID but no cash or credit cards stolen.
  • 500 block 112th, one car, GPS and Kindle tablet stolen.
  • 500 block 112th, one car, GPS stolen.
  • 700 block 112th, one car, no loss.
  • 700 block 112th, one car, popcorn strewn but nothing missing.
  • 800 block 112th, one car, dumped out purse but nothing missing.
  • 900 block 115th, two cars, change stolen from both.
  • 900 block 115th, one car, iPod and change stolen.
  • 10900 block Harvard Lane, one car, sunglasses and change stolen.
  • 10900 block Harvard Lane, one car, change stolen.
  • 11000 block Harvard Lane, one car, change stolen.

In one other incident reported Wednesday morning, likely unrelated because of the distance involved, a resident of the 2400 block of North 73rd Street reported two cars entered but nothing taken.

Ravenswood wakes up Monday to find it's been rifled

In Ravenswood, nine residents called Monday morning to report car entries:

  • 200 block of North 85th Street, one car, loose change stolen.
  • 200 block 85th, one car, loose change stolen.
  • 100 block 88th, one car, GPS stolen.
  • 100 block 88th, two cars, nothing missing from either.
  • 200 block 88th, one car, bag of change stolen.
  • 100 block 89th, one car, GPS stolen.
  • 8400 block Hill Street, one car, change and currency stolen.
  • 8800 block Hawthorne Avenue, two cars, a phone charger, cassette tapes and loose change stolen from one of them.
  • 8800 block Ravenswood Circle, one car, loose change stolen.

Again? Well, really now, this gets tiresome

And finally, on Friday morning a resident of the 800 block of North 60th Street who happens to be the editor of Wauwatosa Patch reported that unlocked cars in his driveway, this time three of them, had been entered and rifled but nothing was taken.

Nick Schweitzer April 27, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Lock. Your. Cars!
paul hruz April 28, 2012 at 12:29 PM
Lock your cars, the reporter had this happen a second time didn't he read his own story and learn anything
Jim Price April 28, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Not so, Paul. I learned long ago. I have had windows broken out twice, at $150 a pop. Now I leave my cars unlocked at home but take pains to remember leave nothing of value in them. That's what the police recommend as well.
pupdog1 April 29, 2012 at 03:49 PM
If your car is locked, professional thieves leave very little damage. They know exactly how to get in. Hoodie rat crackhead mutts leave extensive damage. I've had a couple of dashboards chewed up because the mutt didn't know how to slip out a stereo. State Farm hates when this happens.


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