Senseless Acts of Vandalism Witnessed, Filmed

Two men appear to have acted out some pent-up aggression on a random car and business, kicking in their doors for no clear reason.

Two separate reports of brazen vandalism that occurred blocks and minutes apart in the early morning hours of Saturday appear to have been committed by the same two men.

A Wauwatosa woman reported that while her car had been parked overnight in an apartment building lot at 10900 W. Blue Mound Rd., someone had kicked both the front and rear driver’s side doors of her car.

Police interviewed residents of the apartments and found that a woman had witnessed the incident at around 2:20 a.m. She said she had heard two men yelling and seen one of them kicking at a car in the area where the victim had parked.

Because of a partly restricted view from her window, she could only say that the man was wearing tan cargo shorts.

Asked why she hadn’t reported it, she said that if she reported everything that happened at bar closing time, she would be on the phone to police every night.

Second nearby report comes in the morning

In the morning, another officer was called to a report of what was thought to be an attempted burglary at an office building at 11050 Blue Mound, where she found a glass door shattered.

Officers cleared the building and found no signs of entry or theft.

The building owner made video footage available, and two men are seen at 2:27 a.m. approaching the door, one of them wearing khaki shorts.

First, the other man pulled his shirt up over his nose and tried the door handle. Then, the man in shorts stepped forward, put his hands over his face, and kicked in the glass, after which both ran away.


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