Shotgun, Brick Used in Attempted Robbery at Tosa KFC

Manager was about to take bank deposit bag in hand when brazen young robbers threatened her with weapon, hit her with thrown brick.

A woman who manages a was slightly injured and badly frightened Tuesday when she escaped from two would-be robbers, one armed with a shotgun and the other a brick, which he smashed through her car window as she drove off.

At 9:12 a.m., the manager, a 32-year-old Milwaukee woman, had pulled up to the drive-through window of her store at 6706 W. North Ave., intending to receive a bank deposit bag through the window from another employee inside the locked restaurant.

She honked her horn to let the other employee know she was ready.

She told police she then saw two young males approaching her from the alley north of the restaurant, one of them openly carrying a short-barreled shotgun. She said they made eye contact with her, and the one with the gun began shaking his head at her and mouthing the words "Don't move." He pointed the shotgun at her.

She said he advanced on her but stopped in an alcove next to the drive-through window, while the other suspect waited at the northwest corner of the building. A moment later, in response to her horn signal, an employee inside the store opened the window to hand her the bag.

The gun-wielding robber stepped out and grabbed for the bag, she said, while she, frightened out of her wits and only thinking of escape, stepped on the gas.

As she drove past the second suspect, he heaved a brick through the driver's window of her car, hitting her with it in the shoulder and showering her with shattered glass.

She told police she never stopped and drove into the alley heading west. In her rear-view mirror, she saw the two robbers running east down the alleyway.

The woman kept going until she reached North 73rd Street and West Meineke Avenue, where she stopped and called police to report her location. She waited for officers there.

A near miss with a dangerous missile

The employee inside the store told officers that as he was handing the deposit bag out the window he saw the manager suddenly drive off, then saw the robber next to the window and saw that he had a shotgun. He then heard a loud boom and saw the armed suspect running away. The deposit bag never left his hand.

Police told Wauwatosa Patch that there had been a report of a possible shot fired during the robbery attempt, but officers found no evidence of that and determined that the sound the man had heard was the brick hitting his colleague's window.

The woman reported that the brick had hit her with considerable force, badly bruising her shoulder, and that she believed if it had hit her in the head it might have knocked her out. She did not require medical treatment.

The woman described her assailants as two young black males. The one with the gun, she said, appeared about 17 or 18 years old, 5-feet 5-inches tall, weighing 150 pounds with a medium build. The other suspect she described as being in the same age range, 5-feet 7-inches tall, about 140 pounds with a thin build.

She said both were wearing gray hooded sweatshirts with the hoods up, and black jeans. Each also had a white mask, which she believed to be T-shirts pulled up over the lower part of their faces.

Police recovered one white T-shirt in the alley east of the restaurant that they believed might have been discarded by one of the robbers, because the shirt was dry while the ground beneath it was wet. They were able to recover evidence from the shirt that might provide a DNA sample.

Another employee of the same KFC had reported being as he was leaving work the night of Sept. 13. In that incident, the victim told police the robbers had ordered him to the ground and one held a gun to his head while he was robbed.

Naive One January 16, 2012 at 09:36 PM
So much for the Dream
pupdog1 January 17, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Two young black males walking down North Avenue at 67th with a shotgun at 9 am would not surprise the Tosa police, because they simply aren't there to be surprised. It makes my blood boil every time I drive north on 76th and see a Tosa police car hiding in one of their favorite hidey-holes--the service road between the northern parking lot of Longfellow and the southern edge of the cemetery. It is very hard to see this police car from either direction because of the hill they nestle into, which is their goal. And which shows their total contempt for the concept of police presence and deterrence. Can't be driving around flying the flag. Gotta meet that ticket quota, or the chief will write them up for "lack of productivity." By the way, this police car hides several hundred yards from the location of another recent strong arm ghetto attack on a Tosa student, on Longfellow grounds, which was recently reported on these pages. How handy for the hoodie rats to know exactly where that cop is, where he will stay, and that he won't give chase.
Exrepublican January 18, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Ok. There are approximately 50,000 that live in the city with about maybe 8 or 9 cops on the street. Guess what.....they are not going to be all places at all times. The fact that you don't see one every single time you drive down North Ave means nothing. I guess if they had ESP, they would have been sitting in the KFC lot at the time of the robbery. Out of curiosity, why on earth do you think they wouldn't have chased them? I'm pretty sure the police would have unleashed a hail of bullets had they encountered these hood rats with a sawed off shotgun.
pupdog1 January 18, 2012 at 03:02 AM
Perhaps you should read some of the recent stories about Tosa not chasing the bad guy, even when the bad guy runs right into them. You totally missed the point of my comment. Did you read the part about how I DO see them all the time in what is now a crime infested area, except they are literally hiding for revenue rather than patrolling and being visible? As a recent gangster was quoted as saying, "Tosa is easy pickins." Kind of like the famous bank robber who said that he robs banks "because that's where the money is."
Exrepublican January 18, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Maybe you should pull up next to the cop that is "hiding for revenue" and kindly point out some areas that you feel he should be driving around in. He'll probably kindly tell you that stopping speeders is part of his job. Which article are you referring to where they ran right into the bad guy and didn't chase. I'm assuming he was caught since he ran right into the police?
Jim Price January 18, 2012 at 04:38 PM
For the record – and correct me if I'm wrong, pupdog – I think the reference is to an incident in which a burglar armed with a knife ran headlong into an officer with his gun drawn. The officer did not fire, but he and several others did give chase on foot and caught the offender. There was another case in which an officer and a burglar faced off in a driveway and again the officer did not fire but did continue a foot chase and again the guy was caught. In that case, however, a woman's life was endangered after the face-off when he holed up in her house, so perhaps you could argue he should have fired. There have been instances (including during that one) in which officers gave up high-speed auto chases in order to avoid endangering the public and themselves. I know of no instance in which any Tosa officer simply declined to pursue a suspect.


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