Tosa Cops Chase Thieves Caught Stealing from Car

Officers noticed the boys being chased by a man after he saw them stealing from a neighbor's car.

Two boys were arrested after being chased by a resident and then the cops in connection with a theft from a neighbor's vehicle.

Wauwatosa police officers noticed man chasing four boys in the 6500 block of West Wright Street at 12:10 a.m. Aug. 26, according to an article on Brookfieldnow.com. The man was outside for a smoke break when he noticed the boys stealing from a neighbor's car.

Officers joined the chase and eventually caught up with two of the boys who were hiding in a bush and behind a pile of firewood, the article said. The two were carrying everything stolen from the car, as well as items taken from other cars: two bottles of tequila, one bottle of margarita mix, a six pack of beer, two flashlights, a money clip, credit cards, ID cards, sunglasses, headphones, tools, a marijuana pipe, a basketball medal and over $20 in cash on them.


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