Traffic Tied Up in Tosa After Gas Main Break Near Mo's

Construction worker ruptured a gas line at Highway 100 and Bluemound Road Friday night.

Traffic is tied up Friday after a gas line was ruptured near Highway 100 and Bluemound Road. (12 News Photo)
Traffic is tied up Friday after a gas line was ruptured near Highway 100 and Bluemound Road. (12 News Photo)
Rush hour traffic was tied up for about an hour Friday evening at Highway 100 and Bluemound Road as construction workers ruptured a gas line in the area.

The incident happened around 4:45 p.m., when the Wauwatosa Fire Department received a call that a 2-inch line had been ruptured, Assistant Fire Chief Jim Case said.

We Energies had the gas line capped within the hour, he said.

At one point, westbound Bluemound Road was shut down in the area, but it has since reopened.

This marks the second time in five months that construction workers ruptured a gas line in the same area. In both cases, the incident was resolved within an hour.

And, in both cases, the ruptures have occurred right in front of Mo's Irish Pub, 10842 Blue Mound. And its staff and customers are finding it a little tedious.

"It's awful," said hostess Ashley Dobson. "Mo's was not evacuated this time (it was last time), but for about 45 minutes, no one was allowed to leave or enter."

What's more, Dobson said at about 5:45 p.m., customers still couldn't order hot from the menu.

"We were told we couldn't serve any food for two hours," Dobson said. "And I don't know, that could be extended or it could be shortened, but we were told no food service for two hours."

Guinness tap lines were not interrupted, however.

"Considering construction has been a minor inconvenience for the summer, we're used to little inconveniences, so we'll roll with the punches and get people some good food and some good drink," Mo's Irish Pub Manager Cecil McGrew told Patch's media partners at WISN 12 News.

He said they could still serve customers cold food and drinks.

Major intersections of Mayfair Road (Hwy. 100) with thoroughfares such as Blue Mound Road, Watertown Plank Road and North Avenue have been described by public works engineers as underground "spaghetti bowls" of utility lines, including gas, electric, sewers and communications cables.

Some of those lines are not well-located on maps, or their depths have changed with multiple alterations to the surface over time. There have been other gas line ruptures farther north, nearer North Avenue, as well.

Each has disrupted traffic, but no fires or injuries have occurred.


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