Two Crooks Make Away with Laundered Money

A crime of opportunity occurs when women fail to trust their instincts and don't keep an eye on two young men loitering in the laundromat.

No matter how mundane the circumstances, don't turn your back once your suspicions are aroused.

At 4:23 p.m. Monday, a Wauwatosa woman reported that while she was washing clothes at the Bond Maytag Laundromat, 6707 W. North Ave., two young men stole her change bucket, containing about $79.

She said was doing her wash and noticed the two fellows loitering in the building, not doing any laundry. After she put her bucket down on a counter and turned her back briefly move some clothing, she heard her change rattling and spun around to see them bolting off with it.

She could not give identifying descriptions of the two subjects except to say she thought they were both about 18 years old.

Another woman also doing her laundry came forward to say that she had noticed the two suspects, but it was her impression they had come in to get out of the rain.

She overheard one of them on his cell phone, telling someone they were trying to get to the Wauwatosa Civic Center to meet but were waiting for the rain to let up.

She said she then got the feeling the two were acting suspicious, looking around furtively and waiting for something.

She, too, said she was not looking directly at them when she heard the jingling of change and glanced up to see them making off with the bucket.

Her descriptions, though, also were not adequate to make any identification. could not find them and have no suspects.


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