Tosa Police Name Fugitive in Robbery of Walgreens

Howard L. Mayfield knows he's being sought for a robbery that, if proven, will send him back to prison. But he calls police to see if they'll bring back his Cadillac.


Robbing a Walgreens store of a fistfull of cash cost a West Allis man his Cadillac sedan, his job, and his freedom to move around openly in society, according to Wauwatosa police reports.

If or when he's apprehended, it'll likely cost him all his freedom – he just finished six years in prison, and the strongarm robbery charge he's facing would put him back in prison for a good many more, if he's found, tried and convicted.

In a previously unreported incident, Tosa police have gotten a felony warrant charging Mayfield with robbing the Walgreens on Dec. 5. Mayfield is being actively sought by law enforcement throughout the region.

According to Wauwatosa police reports:

Just after midnight that night, the manager of the Walgreens at 2275 N. Mayfair Rd. went on break and decided to go out in the parking lot to smoke a cigarette. On his way out, he noticed a man – soon to be identified as Mayfield – coming in to the store.

Mayfield caught his attention, the manager said, merely because he pushed on the locked side of the double doors. But he didn't arouse any suspicions. The manager strolled out to stand next to his car while he smoked.

Inside, other witnesses said, Mayfield was also noticed, but not with any apprehension, as he browsed for a minute. Then he approached a cashier.

She said Mayfield put down a 25-cent package of crackers on the counter. When she opened the cash register drawer, he lunged across the counter, she said, and started grabbing money out of it, then picked up the drawer and threw it to the floor and started grabbing $20 bills kept underneath it.

The clerk told police she tried to wrestle Mayfield for the drawer, but he overpowered her. Once he had grabbed all the cash he could reach, he ran out of the store.

Back outside, the manager said, the man he had noticed earlier entering the store came jogging out, jumped into a black Cadillac parked right next to his car, and “peeled off.”

Even though the manager was unaware his store had just been robbed, he was suspicious enough to get the license number – 998-ULF.

Come and get your car at your convenience

Tosa police, with an array of computer databases at their disposal, were able to quickly trace the registration to Mayfield, determined that he was on parole for prior robberies, and that his DOT picture perfectly matched the victim and witnesses' descriptions of Mayfield. They immediately reviewed store video, and based on a couple of clear shots of his face, determined that it was without a doubt Mayfield.

Officers went to Mayfield's registered address in the 1100 block of South 56th Street in West Allis, where they found the 2007 Cadillac CTS parked behind that residence. They knocked on the door. They said lights were on when they arrived, but they went out after they knocked.

Somebody was inside, almost certainly Mayfield, but the technicalities of the law prevented them from entering. No one would answer the door, and they had no warrant as yet. They had no legal proof that it was Mayfield who was in the house or even that he still lived there.

However, they knew his Cadillac had just been used in a crime. So, they towed it away, back to the Wauwatosa police station, where it still sits on the back lot.

Detectives contacted Mayfield's parole officer and had a hold placed on him, should he be apprehended. Mayfield had been convicted of several robberies, also of Walgreens stores, in 2006, and had just gotten out of prison in September. A condition of his parole was that he not even go near any Walgreens store.

Of course, detectives also tried to contact Mayfield, but he wasn't answering.

That didn't stop Mayfield, a few days after the crime, from calling Wauwatosa police and asking how he could get his car back, wherever it was. He was told that it was at the station, waiting for him, whenever he cared to make an appearance to get it.

Not surprisingly, Mayfield never showed up.

No car, no job, few prospects

His parole officer told detectives that Mayfield had gotten a job at Maynard Steel in Milwaukee after his release from prison, but he had now been fired for failure to show up for work.

And the dealer who had sold the Cadillac to Mayfield told detectives that Mayfield had called, said he was in trouble (not specifying what kind), and said he could no longer make payments on the car.

After reviewing the evidence, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office has issued a charging warrant accusing Mayfield of the Walgreens robbery and seeking his arrest.

Anyone with information about Mayfield's whereabouts is urged to call the Wauwatosa police at 414-471-8430. Tips may be given anonymously.

pupdog1 December 20, 2012 at 01:30 AM
I always wondered what happened to Kojak. He works for Walgreens in Tosa!


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