Woman Gets 5th OWI After Driving in Oncoming Lanes

She continues six blocks on wrong side of Burleigh with officer behind her using lights and siren. Another drunken driver tries to ditch weed while in the spotlight.

Two drunken drivers, neither from Wauwatosa, racked up their respective fifth and second offenses during the week.

That was not a police escort, ma'am

At 11:56 p.m. Thursday, a 50-year-old Dousman woman was arrested by for her fifth time for drunken driving after a patrol officer spotted her driving west in the eastbound lanes of the 10200 block of West Burleigh Street. That stretch of Burleigh is divided by a boulevard median.

The officer immediately activated his emergency lights and and pursued, then turned on his siren as the wrong-way driver continued for six blocks in oncoming traffic lanes to North Mayfair Road.

She stopped at a red light there with the officer right behind her, waited about five seconds, then turned right and drove a short distance up Mayfair before finally stopping.

The woman told the officer "I think I'm lost" and admitted having had “a beer or two.” She smelled strongly of alcohol and her speech was slow and slurred, the officer noted.

She failed a sobriety test and blew a .18 blood alcohol content on breath tests.

A records check revealed that the woman had a valid driver’s license but had four prior OWI arrests, one in 1993 and three in 1995.

Typically, a prior OWI is not considered in charging if a driver has not reoffended for 10 years or longer. However, because of her multiple offenses in a short span, even though the last were 17 years ago, all the woman's priors were taken into account.

She was taken to the Milwaukee County Criminal Justice Facility. Her case was to be presented Friday morning to the District Attorney’s Office.

Drunk and stoned, man can't pick up one foot

At 11:56 p.m. Tuesday, a 31-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested for his second drunken driving offense after he was seen driving at 45 mph in the 7300 block of West North Avenue – a 25 mph zone – and was pulled over.

The officer said that after the stop, while he had the car in his lights, he saw the driver drop what appeared to be “a short, thin cigarette” out the window and then pull forward 10 feet.

The officer smelled both alcohol and marijuana and asked the man to take a field test. The driver ended the test on his own when he was asked to stand on one foot and admitted, “You know what, I can’t even do it.”

He blew a .286 at the scene on a portable breath tester but registered .21 on two evidentiary Intoximeter samples taken later at the police station.

The officer wrote that he collected the cigarette the man had dropped, which appeared to be marijuana, and entered it into property for later testing.


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