Chicken Probationary Period Could Come to An Early End

Common Council will asked to put law allowing chickens in Wauwatosa permanently on the books.

A one-year probation period into an ordinance allowing chickens to be raised in Wauwatosa could come to an end six months early, according to Wauwatosa Now.

A city committee is recommending the ordinance become permanent, but the Common Council still has to approve the changes, the newspaper is reporting.

The Common Council approved in February a long-debated ordinance amendment  to allow residents to keep, in coops and runs, up to four hens per household. But one provision is that the measure will be revisited and could be rescinded if, after a first year of trial, it proves to be troublesome.

Worries ticked off by opponents include sanitation and health issues, noise, odors, the attraction of predators and vermin, a drain on the city's regulatory resources, a decline in general property values, the heartbreak of dying chickens and even cholesterol.


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