Daily Recall Election Roundup: May 30

Here are the latest updates from the campaign trail in the June 5 Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election.

Every day between now and the June 5 gubernatorial recall election, Patch will provide daily updates on what's happening on the campaign trail.

Check back with this column throughout the day for the latest recall-related news.

2:07 p.m.: New Marquette Poll Has Scott Walker Up By 7 Points 

A Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday shows Walker leading by 7 points over Barrett - 52 percent to 45 percent - among likely voters. Two weeks ago, Walker led Barrett 50 percent to 44 percent .

Most of the 720 registered voters were interviewed before Friday’s first gubernatorial debate using landlines and cell phones and the results are taken from the answers of 600 likely voters. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.

12:16 p.m.: Barrett says Walker is Stonewalling on John Doe Probe

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett accused Gov. Scott Walker of "stonewalling" on Wednesday morning as the governor continues to direct contributions into a legal defense fund set up for the .

According to Barrett's campaign, Walker has transferred $100,000 into the fund during the month of May. The money is being used to pay for attorney fees that has resulted from the investigation into alleged corruption in his office during his time as Milwaukee County Executive.

"We are not talking about a parking ticket," the mayor said at his Milwaukee campaign headquarters after a fundraising event with Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The governor has refused to discuss the John doe investigation and has not disclosed the donor or donors who is contributing to the fund. Walker has only said that he is not a target of the probe that has resulted in more than a dozen of charges against five former aides.

"Wisconsin deserves to know before the election," Barrett said.

- Brendan O'Brien

11:45 a.m.: New Poll Shows Campaign for Governor Tied

A new poll from Lake Research Partners shows the race for Wisconsin governor tied at 49%-49% less than one week before the election.

“The more Walker stonewalls about whether he is the target of this investigation, whether he will release the emails that are at the heart of the probe, and why he is the only governor in America with a criminal defense fund, the more the people of Wisconsin view him as unfit for the governor’s office,” said Barrett for Wisconsin Communications Director Phil Walzak.

11:22 a.m.: Barrett and Feingold Campaigning in Madison

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett and former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold will campaign with supporters in Madison on Wednesday, May 30.

They will be at the Majestic Theater, 115 King St., at 6 p.m.

10:42 a.m.: Nicolet Bank Business Pulse Survey Reveals Business Owners Support Walker

The Nicolet Bank Business Pulse conducted a survey which reveals that business owners believe the recall will significantly impact business and the majority back Gov. Scott Walker, according to a release from Walker's campaign.

The survey revealed that 91 percent said a reelection of Walker would have a positive impact on business, while only 7 percent of those polled found that a win by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett would have a positive impact.

The business owners questioned found that a win by Walker would reduce uncertainty about the future, taxes would go down, the business climate would improve and that businesses would hire more employees and invest in their future, according to the release. Those surveyed believed that win a by Barrett the state of "Wisconsin would see a return to big-government, taxes would increase, the business climate would worsen causing companies to leave the state, and that businesses will hold tight onto their money with lower expectations of growth for their future."

Click here to view the survey.

10:15 a.m.: Walker raking in the cash

New campaign finance reports show that Republican Gov. Scott Walker has raised about $31 million since he took office 17 months ago, including $5.9 million in the last five weeks, the Associated Press is reporting.

His Democratic opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, has taken in $3.4 million over the past five weeks. He raised about $4.2 million since joining the race at the end of March.

Check out Patch's to search individual campaign contributions by name, city, state and ZIP Code.

The Anti-Alinsky June 01, 2012 at 12:54 AM
fooledagain (by the Liberals), Wind farms take a looooooooong time for their ROI (return on investment). They have never been as efficient as the Liberals like to let on.
willnotbefooledagain June 01, 2012 at 04:29 AM
Mr. Walker lied. He wanted consessions from union workers but did not respect the consessions of the WI workers with union affiliations. Mr. Walker promoted a devisive plan to govern without the admittance to his "divide and conquer" agenda. Mr. Walker has given himself the power to sell power plants in Wisconsin to anyone for any money. No bids necessary; he can accept any bid from any buyer he sees fit. Mr. Walker has declined federal money for rail mass transit. Later, too late to be accepted, he asked for the money back after it had been awarded to other states. Mr. Walker refused federal money for wind power; billions of green energy revenue (the Koch brothers own WI power plants so this would be a conflict of interest!) Mr. Walker uses Milwaukee bashing to gain votes from those living outside of Milwuakee (crzy! we are all in this together!) Mr. Walker sites imaginary democrats who adopt his policies rather than cite facts or substantiated evidence of his achievements. Mr. Walker traveled around the country to secure money for his criminal defense fund and recall election fund while neglecting the financial crisis of the state. He used borrowed money to balance the budget and then claimed fiscal intelligence. How intelligent is it to make our children and grandchildren responsible for the budget debt??? I could go on and on.....
James R Hoffa June 01, 2012 at 04:39 AM
Go on and on with what exactly? The same old party line propaganda, rhetoric, and talking points that we've all already heard a million times?
willnotbefooledagain June 01, 2012 at 04:46 AM
Mr. Hoffa, have you anything substantial or relevant to say? Do you honestly think opinions equal facts? Your submissions are not substantiated. What's the point kind sir?
James R Hoffa June 01, 2012 at 05:12 AM
Do you honestly think that your spin of certain issues equates to facts? What objective submissions of mine are not substantiated exactly? Perhaps if you actually tried making some objective submissions of your own, as opposed to subjective submissions, we'd have something to debate. See my exchanges with Bren on the Patch boards for an example of true objective debates. If you wish to challenge any of my objective submissions, then please do so on those boards and I'll respond as is convenient. But I don't have the time or the will to repost all of my objective submissions here for you - sorry. Also, we try to stay on topic the subject addressed in the article, although not always successfully. Just click my name and you'll see all of my posts on the different Patch boards (articles/blogs/stories/etc), if you're so inclined! Cheers!


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