Last Chance: Absentee Ballot Requests, Filings Due

Written requests for ballots need to be in Thursday, voting closes at end of day Friday.

It's your last chance: If you want to cast an absentee ballot in the Tuesday's election, you still have two days to do so, and two deadlines to meet.

The Wauwatosa City Clerk's office will mail out ballots through 4:30 p.m. Thursday upon receiving a written request; and your ballot must be filed back with that office by 5 p.m. Friday.

Doing that both ways by mail would be a tricky process, since you must file a written, signed request for a ballot before one can be sent to you.

But the clerk's office tries to make it easier than that, if you can get over to City Hall.

"They would need to write a letter, but they can drop it off at the desk," said Deputy City Clerk Susan Van Hoven. "We do have applications here, and they could fill it out and even go ahead and vote here."

Your request must include your address and signature. More than one eligible voter living at the same address may file a joint request, as long as the letter is signed by all requesting ballots, Van Hoven said.

If you want a ballot mailed out Thursday but can't get to City Hall during business hours, you may drop off a request in the night deposit box Wednesday night or Tuesday before 8 a.m.

Van Hoven urged residents not to use the night depository during the day, because it is emptied once in the morning but only irregularly during business hours.

"During the day, they really should just come up to the desk," she said. "Otherwise, we can't guarantee that it will be picked up, and of course there's no postmark" to show that you dropped it off in time.

Van Hoven also said that for practical purposes, those requesting ballots in person should try to do so before 4:30 p.m. Thursday, because that's when the desk closes and some time is needed for processing the application and getting a ballot in the mail.

"I'd say by 3, 3:30 if possible," she said, "although 4:30 is the absolute cutoff."

By state law, the clerk's office must stay open until 5 p.m. Friday to accept absentee ballots.


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