New Poll Shows Obama, Thompson Lead Among State Voters

Results from a new Marquette University Law School poll put the president and former Governor tops with likely voters from around the state.

If the 2012 Presidential and US Senate elections were held today, President Barack Obama and former Gov. Tommy Thompson would win in Wisconsin.

The results were released today as part of the Marquette University Law School poll project during "On the Issues" with Mike Gousha and Professor Charles Franklin.

According to the numbers, Obama leads presumed Republican challenger Mitt Romney 49 to 43 percent, down from 51 to 43 percent on May 30.

In a match-up against both his Republican senate rivals and Democrat Tammy Baldwin, Thompson takes both races. Against former US Rep. Mark Neumann, newcomer Eric Hovde, and Republican speaker of the State Assembly Jeff Fitzgerald, Thompson comes in with 34 percent of support from likely voters compared to 16, 14, and 10 percent, respectively. Against Baldwin, he leads 49 to 41 percent.

When matched up against Hovde and Fitzgerald, Baldwin comes out ahead; 45 to 36 percent and 45 to 39 percent, respectively. Baldwin and Neumann tie at 44 percent each.

Unlike the recent historic recalls where undecided voters were less than five percent, when it comes to the US senate race here, a full 25 percent of likely voters haven't made up their minds, but it is early going.

About those recalls ...

Speaking of the recall elections, the poll also asked some 707 registered voters - 594 likely voters - how they felt about the elections now that they're over.

When it comes to how Wisconsin should do recall elections, voters have flipped from responses recorded in January. Then, 43 percent said recalls should only happen in the case of criminal activity while an official is in office and 50 percent said our way of doing recall is just fine. Now, though, it's the other way around; 50 percent want recalls only in the case of criminal mischief and 44 percent want to leave the law as it is.

Not surprisingly, Gov. Scott Walker garnered 70 percent of the vote for those who want to limit recalls while Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barret grabbed 61 percent of those who think the way we do recalls is just fine. Among those who disapprove of the job he's doing, Walker also managed to snag 4 percent of voters who don't want changes to recall and 8 percent of voters who do want changes.

Where the poll gets interesting is among those who didn't cast a ballot at all but disapprove of Walker and want recall limits, about 26 percent. That number gets halved - 13 percent - among those who didn't vote while continuing to disapprove of Walker and supporting the current recall laws.

Can't we all just get along?

Representatives in Madison and in Washington, D.C. may want to pay attention to how voters feel about all the partisanship games being played on the state and federal levels.

According to Marquette's latest poll, a full 84 percent of voters want officials on both sides of the aisle reaching across it more often. Only 11 percent said it was perfectly okay for the parties to stand for different things and have limited cooperation.

Just over half - 55 percent - of those surveyed were optimistic about the possibility of cooperation while 41 percent said it's too out of reach. Among those who feel like bipartisanship can be a reality, a full 61 percent of them identified as Republicans while 58 percent of Independents and 48 percent of Democrats could agree.

Healthcare reform

The United States Supreme Court is going to issue its opinion soon about whether or not Pres. Obama's healthcare law is constitutional so Marquette asked voters what they think.

Around a third of voters - 33 percent - think the high court should leave the law alone, but 38 percent want the entire thing turned over. Only 19 percent said the part of the law mandating individuals have insurance should be overturned.

Overall, the majority of voters approve of the job SCOTUS is doing over those who disapprove; 46 to 35 percent.

The Marquette poll was conducted via landline and cell phone from June 13-16, 2012 with a 3.8 percent margin of error.

Greg June 21, 2012 at 05:56 PM
The Chicago Gun Ban was in place for 28 years, Bush had NOTHING to do with it. A Chicago citizen challenged the ban and it ended up in the Supreme Court (kinda the way it works). You say that if Obama wanted to ban guns, it would be done, WRONG. Obama wanted to close GITMO, it was even a campaign promise, it is still open and is going to be remodeled. Obama wants our guns, but he can't get them because it is the one part of the Constitution that he can't circumvent. And talk about prejudice, you think that everyone that owns a gun has a small penis. I know several gun owners that don't have any penis, but they have great breasts.
mau June 21, 2012 at 07:40 PM
@Keith, I'm shocked that think it was ok to use military action to torch and kill all those people at Waco. If this is the case then it's ok to use military force to bash in protesters heads. They brought it on themselves. Here's an idea Holder should provide weapons to all the gang bangers in Chicago to clean up their crime and drug problems.
Greg June 21, 2012 at 07:59 PM
It is only a "stinking political move" if it is by Republicans. When the Democrats do it, it's justice. Even if this turns into a big nothing, it doesn't matter. The left has done a good job of teaching its brand of politics and we're gonna use what we learned.
Tonto June 22, 2012 at 01:57 AM
Get to know the candidate - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnAcbxZSEzw&feature=fvsr
Mike Knight June 22, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Who are these fools voting for the worst police state war President in US history? Romney probably won't be any better but Barry Obama has already proved to be an unconstitutional tyrant who will absolutely destroy this nation if given a second term free of re-election worries. The 2008 candidate Obama is the total opposite of the President we were duped into electing. He continued the Bush agenda, and added more unconstitutional insanity to the mix.


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