Village Board Approves Land Purchase For Sewer Basin

Officials say if they don't do the project, it will cost more if they do nothing.

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The Village Board voted Tuesday, June 28 to purchase land to build a catch basin for sewer overflows when excessive rain events occur.

In a special Joint Village Board meeting with the Caledonia Utility District, members voted unanimously to buy four acres of land from Ray Leffler, a local developer, on highways 38 and K.

The basin would prevent peak flow from going into Racine’s sewerage system, which is estimated to occur two to three times a year.

The land will cost taxpayers $80,000. The total cost of the project would be $6.1 million, but the Village would move forward with the first phase of the project, which would cost $3 million.

The project would also qualify them for a $600,000 Clean Water Fund credit.

The total cost to the sewerage user if the village did all three phases would total $55 per year. The impact to sewerage users would result in a $21.40 per year increase for the average homeowner in the Village for the first phase.

Bob Bradley, chairman of the Caledonia Utility District, said the basin is needed because the current sewerage system that serves the Franksville area is close to capacity. If the amount of sewerage flow exceeds the capacity allotted in the Sewer Agreement they made with Racine, it would require the Village to upgrade their lift station to handle the flow and they would also be charged by the City of Racine for exceeding their capacity.

“We don’t want to have to buy anymore capacity, that’s what drives our bills,” Bradley said.

John Blejac, an attorney for the Village, explained to the board that the underground tank would store a blend of clear water and sewerage along Highway 38 and Highway K until they could release the sewerage during a non-peak flow.

“There would be no smells, and no smelling apparatus would be needed,” Blejac said.

Denise Lockwood June 29, 2011 at 02:40 PM
Hey Greta, wanted to let you know that I have a call into Tom Lebak. Looking back at my notes, the property is owned by the Newport Group, LTD and is on Northwestern Ave. I'll get more specifics to you when I get them. Also, for additional information -- the Sewer Agreement with Racine happened in 2002. Since then the Village has grown to incorporate parts of Franksville and added on a number of subdivisions. Franksville wasn't part of Caledonia (which didn't become a village until 2005) when the agreement was made. The catch basin serves the west end of the Village, including Franksville. The utility district looked at a variety of options before making the decision on this project. Bob Bradley, the chairman of the utility, told me last night that they are near capacity and if they do nothing, per the sewer agreement they'll have to buy into the City's sewer system and that would cost a lot more. This project is considered a 40 year fix. Hope that helps... Denise
Denise Lockwood June 29, 2011 at 02:53 PM
The property was part of Homestead Acres, which is on Northwestern just west of the roundabout on K. Lebak said you go about a half mile and on the left there is airline road. The property is right across the street from there on the right side and just east of the railroad tracks.
Greta Mueller June 29, 2011 at 04:30 PM
Denise, thanks for that answer - believe I know where this property is. However, Franksville has been a part of Caledonia as long as I've lived here - more than 25 years. Franksville is strictly a mailing address for most of us, which is why there's often confusion about "Franksville" on the other side of the freeway and parts of Raymond actually being Caledonia - people often make that mistake about 7 Mile Fair which is NOT in Caledonia, but Raymond, but has a Caledonia mailing address because the post office on Hwy G services that area. But if for some reason, we haven't been part of Caledonia for all these years, to whom do I speak about getting all that tax money back I've been paying into Caledonia?
Dean June 29, 2011 at 04:47 PM
What kind of white elephant is this? Why are we sending rain water into the sanitary sewers? Smells like a nice deal for Leffler.
Denise Lockwood June 29, 2011 at 05:00 PM
Greta -- thanks for setting me straight. I digress to your wisdom.


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