On Guard! Jefferson Kids Get the Thrust of High Interest Day

Journalism students record events of a day of drawing knowledge (and fun) from their community.

[Editor's note: Each spring, elementary school students take a day away from regular classes to learn new skills from people in their community. This year's High Interest Day at offered a four-class journalism track, including sessions on News Reporting, News Photography, News Design and Advertising Design.

These stories, headlines, photos and captions were produced by Jefferson third- through fifth-graders.]

Fencing, a Fun way to Play

By Kortney and J.R.

When people at Jefferson hear about fencing, all the excitement begins!

Friday, May 4th, on High Interest Day, many kids had the wonderful privilege of learning more about the exciting sport of fencing and mimicking other sports in the past!

Some things that some people might not know about fencing is that it is a formal and safe way to play without using twigs and pencils. Also, kids can remember the knights of old in amor.

A Fun Fact you may not know is that fencing was actually invented in the 1400s.

On guard! And get ready to play this exciting and athletic sport!


Kumon Comes to Jefferson

When Math Lab comes to Jefferson,
everyone has fun no matter what.

By J.R. and Kortney

On Friday, May 4th, on High Interest Day at Jefferson School, Kumon was presented to an excited class ready to be educated about a fun game and to also know more about multiplication skills.

Some interesting things about Math Lab (Kumon) that some people don’t know is that when you answer a question correctly or politely you get a Kumon dollar!

Another interesting thing about Math Lab (Kumon) is when we played a math baseball game, whenever you got a home run you got money!

Kumon (aka math Lab) was a fun educational experience for everyone!


Making Ads at Ad Design

By Alex

While at Ad Design we made Admazing ads.

When we came in, we saw Photoshop or a similar program. We sat down and the instructor told us about a famous designer. Then we got to making ads.

We made one-word ads. There were three groups, each one with their own picture.

Together they made the sentence ‘Just unplug it.'

After the fact, Jaden said, “It was really fun and I enjoyed it."

So next year, try ad design. It’s very fun.


Students Learn About Fencing At Jefferson

By Azure Getzel

Third, fourth and fifth graders at Jefferson Elementary School took a class about fencing for High Interest Day.

We learned that you must always wear a mask when you fence or it will really hurt your face.

You also always keep your hand on your hip or behind you.


Kids at Jefferson Make Molds
in Kohl’s Design-it Lab

By Olivia Bowser

Many students worked hard to create molds with a mouthguard machine.

You could make molds out of different shapes.  


Ad Design in the Library is Fun
at Jefferson Elementary School

By Jaden

Ad design in Jefferson Elementry  school was really fun.

You got to do very cool things.

 You got to select very cool backgrounds

I got to be team captain and got a blue sky background, and we got them edited on the computer.


Some Jefferson Students
Go to Broadway

By Domenic Luccarelli

Teenagers taught kids some cool games and how to have a great time acting in Broadway class.

Some games are good guessing games and are very, very fun, so the teenage girls and boys should be thanked for an experience that was a lot of fun that they put in the children's minds.

The children put up a great participation that was a great example for a lot of people.


On Guard: Having Fun in Fencing

By Karly Bartels

On Friday, May 4th, when fencing arrived at Jefferson, it gave kids a fun way to play in like they were in the 1400s.

In fencing, they teach you how to hold the sword and how to fight.

After that you got to fight everyone in the class.


Beep… Working with Computers at Jefferson

By Ben

On May 4, 2012, kids worked on making a newspaper format at Jefferson Elementary School.

We inserted pictures that kids took earlier and ads that kids made.

And the prototype was finished.


Something Sweet
About Cake Decorating

By Bailey

On Friday, May 4th, creative kids decorated cakes in Room 313 of Jefferson Elementary School.

In cake decorating you use different tubes to make different designs on your cake.

When we were finished, every cake looked delicious.


Strong Kids Fence

By Caradoc

On Friday May 4th kids learned to fence at Jefferson Elementary School.

You have to wear a special helmet. The swords weigh five pounds.

And don’t drag the swords on the ground.

We all had sore arms.


[Final editor's note: Not everything went perfectly. Due to some file-saving problems, a few stories could not be transferred from the school computer network to the Patch system. We believe those story files can be recovered, and they will be added as soon as possible.]


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