Angels Help Pay Off Kmart Layaways

Mirroring a trend seen across the nation, the Kmart in Wauwatosa is seeing anonymous people donating money towards random layaways.

Some anonymous shoppers at Kmart in Wauwatosa are not only shopping for themselves, but also secretly donating money to a random customer’s layaway balance.

Mirroring a trend seen around the nation, the so-called “Layaway Angels” are popping up in Wauwatosa, where a handful of angels have donated money for the cause, said Kevin Sanders, manager of the off Mayfair Road.

Though Sanders could not give an exact number of how many angels he has seen or a total amount donated thus far, he said the layaway department has seen a great deal of kindness.

“To keep the program in the spirit of the season and purpose we try to keep a hands-off approach,” Sanders said.

The Angel Program allows people to anonymously give money towards a random person's layaway.

The Associated Press reported about these acts in Michigan and Indianapolis. Patch editors have also seen the trend in South Carolina and . A manager at the said the store is not participating in the program this year.

“I believe when people donate it is because of the spirit of the season,” said Sanders. “People are finding the morality to take care of customers and they don’t even know the customers. It’s just a random act of kindness.”

Sanders said no customers have come in yet to pay their final layaway payment, but when they do come, usually the week before Christmas, Sanders said they will be quite overwhelmed by the  “Layaway Angels’” acts of generosity.

“I know in the past customers come in and are ecstatic. It is just an overwhelming feeling for our guests,” Sanders said.

“I’m sure it just makes their Christmas a little brighter.”


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